Email Data Loss Prevention with ZixEncrypt


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Email Data Loss Prevention with ZixEncrypt

Zix Staff

The average number of business emails sent per user, per day rose to 34 in 2015*. With each “Send” comes potential risk of sensitive and confidential information leaving your organization. All it takes is a quick tap. An employee sends an email, but to the wrong person or accidently attaches a file containing confidential information that should not be sent. It is easy to see how it happens, and once an email leaves your secure network, there are few options to fix the issue. Unfortunately there are also situations where an employee sends email for malicious reasons. Whether accidently or intended, both can result in potential damages to your organization and compliance violations.  

ZixEncrypt DLP capabilities, formerly ZixQuarantine, are designed to prevent email communications that contain sensitive information from leaving your enterprise in an unauthorized and/or unintended manner. As an email-specific data loss prevention (DLP) solution, ZixEncrypt focuses on securing your outbound business email against data loss.

Comprehensive Email Filtering for Sensitive Information

Not just a simple text scan, Zix performs deep analysis of each and every email along with any attachments leveraging its powerful email filtering and policy capabilities. The comprehensive “out-of-the-box” filters cover a wide variety of US Federal, state and local regulations, speeding your implementation and coverage. Our dedicated ZixResearch Center develops and manages comprehensive filters to improve your compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), personally identifiable information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and other privacy laws.

The Zix data loss prevention features can help you quickly identify and monitor many categories of sensitive information that you define within your policies. If a policy is triggered, the email is quarantined via ZixEncrypt and the sender is notified.

Intuitive Interface for Convenient User Experience  

Embedded in the notification is a quick link to where the user can easily review the quarantined email message. Each user can see what part of the email was identified as sensitive information and what policy was triggered that quarantined the message based on highlighted information. 

By having the ability to view quarantined messages, employees become more aware of corporate policies and alert to sensitive information. Administrators can give employees the capability to review quarantined email, to release or delete it, or to draft a new version.

Protect with ZixEncrypt – DLP for Email

Understanding how your employees use email and what data is flowing outside your organization is foundational to meeting compliance requirements. Learn how ZixEncrypt can monitor and protect your email communications channel by contacting today.

* “Email Statistics Report, 2015-2019”, The Radicati Group, Inc.