Zix Information Archiving
is now Carbonite™ Information Archiving

Zix joins the powerhouse portfolio of cyber resilience product offerings from OpenText Security Solutions.

Take a proactive approach to compliance with a modern archiving solution. 


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Archiving is an essential part of Secure Cloud

helping you solve the challenges associated with Security and Compliance.

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We leverage Zix as our enterprise solution for email encryption, threat protection and email archiving. IT solves any of our concerns or issues pertaining to encrypting sensitive emails, archiving email and safeguarding/filtering our incoming emails to the cooperation.

Kendall White, Vice President/CIO, Mount Auburn Hospital and OneIS

Capable of Archiving 50+ Sources, now including Microsoft Teams

Our Information Archiving service is robust, offering unlimited storage for business communications from IM/collaboration tools, social media, and much more.

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Policy-based Retention 

With Zix, you determine how long messages are archived based on global or user-specific retention policies.  

Archive Migration-as-a-Service

Data migration included with your archiving service, a game changer in the archiving industry.

Security Audit

On-Demand Access

With cloud-based communications archiving, you control who views your message data and when. Once audits and legal holds are complete, easily revoke access.

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Simple Search

Identify the right messages and set the precise parameters with advanced capabilities.

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Simplify your Code of Conduct investigation process.


Learn how Advanced Information Archive makes eDiscovery easier and faster.

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