Zix Secure File Share is now
Webroot™ Secure File Share.

Zix joins the powerhouse portfolio of cyber resilience product offerings from OpenText Security Solutions.

Share files of any size. Enable tracking. Sign documents electronically.  

Keep your business moving with Webroot.  


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Secure File Share is an essential part of Secure Cloud

helping you solve the challenges associated with Security and Compliance.

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All File Types Supported

Don’t worry about limitations. Secure File Sharing lets you share whatever files your business needs to share. 

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Securely collect electronic signatures and approvals from your inbox. Verify the authenticity of signed documents as well as the identity of the endorser, all with a solution that can facilitate a legally-valid signature completely online and without ink. 

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SaaS Solution

No infrastructure investments and easy integration into your existing mailbox and other communications channels.

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Break down old security barriers.
Move forward with Zix.

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Secure Cloud

Unleash your teams to become more productive, secure, and compliant in a complex, digital world.