Securing your emails and IP Matters more than ever

Mix remote work with a pandemic and you get a brutal combination of dependencies and threats. On the one hand, technology has allowed manufacturers to survive supply chain disruption. But on the other, more sensitive data than ever is now flowing over email and the open internet.

It's time to lock it down.

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Digital communication

Attack surface area

The threat: Increased surface area

350% rise in phishing attempts. - UNICRI

The larger your attack surface area, the more weak leaks leave gaps for cyber criminals. The UN reports that phishing attempts have increased 350% since the pandemic, and 96% of threats begin with email, reports Verizon.

Manufacturing plant

The opportunity: Greater agility

Seize on hyper-growth opportunities

Manufacturers that are able to secure their email communicate more freely. They’re better able to identify suppliers, assess their supply chain security, and seize on hyper-growth opportunities.

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