Bringing Large File Share to Zix Email Encryption Users Everywhere

Company News

Just this month we introduced Zix Secure Large File for our email encryption service. The offering improves collaboration by allowing any authorized user to send large attachments from their normal email program – up to 100 GB per message – to any recipient via your custom-branded Zix Secure Messaging Portal. By making secure large file sharing as easy as hitting send, you make collaboration easier for users while combatting the data security risks inherent in unsanctioned file sharing services. And IT teams everywhere celebrated!

Let’s break it down how you can supercharge your Zix Secure Messaging Portal with Secure Large File –

  • Combat Shadow IT
  • Improves data security and corporate compliance by discouraging the use of unauthorized, third-party file sharing services
  • Easy as Hitting Send
  • Empower employees to share large files securely and simply, using their everyday business email
  • No New Credentials or Infrastructure
  • Ease of use for recipients, who log in using their existing Secure Messaging Portal credentials
  • No additional infrastructure to deploy or maintain
  • No Storage Quota
  • Senders can send any file type up to 100 GB per message, with no storage quotas
  • Messages are retained per the existing Secure Messaging Portal policy
  • Retain Business Oversight
  • Administrators can grant or revoke user access to sending large files, via Secure Cloud
  • Sent and Received files and messages can be captured and supervised as part of your corporate archiving and compliance policies

Want to learn more about how you can supercharge your Secure Messaging Portal? Join us for our “Six things you didn’t know you could do with your Secure Messaging Portal” webinar on November 10th.