5 Reasons You Need a Trusted Email Data Loss Prevention Solution

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Frank puts the final touches on the email communication. The body includes a couple of social security numbers; the two attachments are financial statements. Proofing the email, a zoom call flickers across the screen. The Boss. Without thinking, Frank hits the send key and accepts the zoom call.

A Tap of the Send Key Could Destroy Your Company’s Reputation

Well-meaning employees, in a moment of distraction, can inadvertently destroy a company’s reputation. That’s why an Email Data Loss Protection (DLP) solution is a solid strategy to protect your company from sensitive data leaks. In accordance with your company’s policies, an email Data Loss Protection solution is always on guard to encrypt or quarantine sensitive information exiting your company through an email communication.

Here are 5 reasons you need a trusted email Data Loss Prevention Solution.

#1. Protect Your Customers

Industries such as healthcare/medical, legal, financial services and more are bound by a plethora of regulations, which protect privacy and protect data. An automated email Data Loss Protection solution helps your company to be compliant with these regulations. Furthermore, on demand or as part of regular audits, you can demonstrate to regulators that you have a system in place to prevent data leaks.

#2. Protect Your Brand

Data leaks are news. Bad news. And bad news travels. To protect your company’s brand reputation, you need a pro-active email Data Loss Protection solution. Being pro-active ensures against data leakage. Furthermore, you can promote to customers that your company has innovative technology in place to protect their data. Without an email Data Loss Protection system, you risk a data loss event, which may result in tarnishing your brand. Tarnished brands bleed existing customers and have difficulty bringing on new customers.

#3. Reduce Liability Risk

Data leaks are expensive. Not only is a company’s brand reputation at stake, but a company’s finances also are at stake. Today, companies are responsible for any data leak, which is another reason you need a trusted email Data Loss Protection system to manage risk. Without an email Data Loss Protection system, companies risk fines, which affect bottom lines.

#4. Prevent Accidental Information Sharing

As mentioned in the story at the start of this article, human error happens quickly and non-maliciously—and happens in a keystroke. When that inadvertent keystroke happens, you’ll be glad your company had the foresight to employ an email Data Loss Protection solution to protect your company.

#5. Prevent Malicious Information Sharing

Unfortunately, companies also must contend with the fact that some employees will intentionally share sensitive information. Maybe the person is selling trade secrets or is breaching because they are upset with your company. Be proactive. Employ an email Data Loss Protection solution.

Move Forward Securely

Zix | AppRiver helps companies like yours. Our automatic email Data Loss Prevention solution offers unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees, and your executives. When Frank hit that send key, the Zix Email Data Loss Protection system would have encrypted or quarantined the email. You would have secured the sensitive data. You would have protected your customer. You would have complied with company policies and with regulations. You would have protected your company’s reputation.

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