How the CIO of The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center Protects Against Email Threats


With 22 years of experience securing private healthcare  facilities all over the U.S., Marcia Henry is no stranger to IT security. Zix’s email threat protection goes with her no matter what role she finds herself in. Marcia has been a customer  for a decade because she’s come to trust Zix’s unparalleled security and support.

Opportunity: Guard against threats automatically

Zix’s email threat protection fills in the gaps for Marcia’s team. When she joined The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, their email security software was not holding up. Their old software required technical oversight that was difficult to manage and was eventually forgotten in the whirlwind of other IT priorities. With her small team, she needed to protect facilities that spanned Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, and Kentucky. When it was time to pick a replacement, she knew Zix would be up to the task of protecting her teams from sophisticated email threats.

High-grade, hands-free protection

The driving force in healthcare is the electronic medical record (EMR), so Marcia’s job is to protect it. “Zix saved me at least a dozen times. We usually can’t expect to buy a product, roll it out and have it work on its own. But that’s exactly how Zix works,” she says. That high-quality protection along with Zix’s ”set it and forget it” ease frees Marcia to devote her attention to other pressing IT needs.

Marcia knows how important proven IT security is in healthcare. She’s heard of healthcare groups who stopped using Zix and succumbed to ransomware attacks, having to pay a hefty fee for access to their patient data. Zix’s in-house research team is continually monitoring new and emerging threats to ensure their threat protection is always up to date. When patient data is at stake, Marcia knows she can trust Zix.

“Zix saved me at least a dozen times. We usually can’t expect to buy a product, roll it out and have it work on its own. But that’s exactly how Zix works”
— Marcia Henry, CIO, The Allergy, Asthma  & Sinus Center

Proven partners in security

When you train someone on a new system, it’s always a matter of time until the person you trained leaves. But Marcia doesn’t experience “brain drain” anymore. “I consider Zix an extension of my own team. It's like I hired these people but I don't have to worry about their paycheck,” she laughs. Whenever she deploys Zix, the integration with her exchange is simple and standardized. Zix’s technical support is always fast and responsive. Whether Marcia needs to prove that a doctor’s email was encrypted or she has a product-related question, the Zix team is always ready to help. She trusts that no matter the size of the healthcare facilities she supports, they’re consistently protected by Zix’s easy-to-use software and phenomenal support.

Bottom line

With consistent security in private medical facilities all over the U.S., Marcia can count on Zix to automatically adapt to emerging threats and fill in the gaps when her team needs it most. Marcia wouldn’t be caught without Zix’s email threat protection in her IT toolbox.

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