AppRiver Email Threat Protection Scales from 50 to 500+ Users for Complete Care 


The backbone of growing companies is vision and discipline. Complete Care’s Executive Team has both. Complete Care was founded in 2011 to help people mend from physical injuries.  From the opening of their first clinic in 2011 to their 29th clinic today, the Executive Team’s disciplined approach to technology secures their infrastructure against bad actors.

Solid Security Posture Decisions

Ten years ago, Complete Care partnered with ProSource, a collective of technology companies that provides innovative solutions. The Executive Team entrusted ProSource with managing all their technology requirements. As Complete Care grew, so grew possible threats — changing regulatory requirements and ever-more bad actors scheming how to gain entrance to IT systems. ProSource kept Complete  Care safe.

Early in the partnership, ProSource deployed AppRiver Email Threat Protection to protect employees’ inboxes and the network from cyber threats. “Then, about five years ago, Complete Care wanted to increase their security posture,” explains Matthew Mulcahy, Director of Business Development, ProSource. “Our research pointed us to the Microsoft Office 365 (O365) environment bundled with cloud-based AppRiver Email Threat Protection — because, when you have a good thing going like AppRiver, why replace it?” The combination of O365, which has robust security, and AppRiver Email Threat Protection, which is a robust spam filter, provides Complete Care with a multi-layered security approach. Furthermore, the technology is HIPAA compliant.

Reliable Spam Protection

“ProSource’s recommendations over the years have been solid,” acknowledges Ken Snyder, who joined Complete Care three years ago in the newly created position of  IT Manager. “Bad actors are everywhere these days, and it takes a load off my shoulders knowing that AppRiver Email Threat Protection protects us 24/7/365.”

Another key consideration in choosing and remaining loyal to the AppRiver Email Threat Protection solution was scalability. AppRiver Email Threat Protection is scalable, which was critical for a company like Complete Care with a vision for bold growth.

When Ken joined Complete Care, there were 300 employees. Ken shares, “We will very soon be a company of 500 employees. I joined Complete Care because the Executive Team had an ambitious goal to grow the company. I wanted to be a part of that and ensure their success on the IT side.” Today, Ken and his budding IT team is responsible for managing the needs of 29 locations across Florida — soon to be 32 locations —  and 500 employees. This is no small feat when tens of thousands of clients entrust the employees of Complete Care with their Protected Health Information (PHI) and Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHA).

With more employees working from home and an increasing number of bad actors looking for creative ways to infiltrate IT systems, Ken counts on AppRiver Email Threat Protection to do what it is supposed to do. “It does a really good job catching bad email,” declares Ken. “Companies get hit pretty hard by spam and we are no exception, especially these days as it seems like spammers are stepping up their game.”

Catches email threats. Delivers peace of mind

“AppRiver catches >99% of bad emails,” emphasizes Ken. “AppRiver is so good at quarantining bad emails, in fact, on the rare occasion a spam email makes it through to an employee’s inbox, everyone talks about it. Since employees are unaware — as they should be — of the thousands of spam AppRiver catches daily, I feel pride during these rare occasions.”

“AppRiver  catches >99% of  bad emails.”

— Ken Snyder, IT Manager, Complete Care

On the rare chance spam slips through the filter, Ken has options to investigate. Not only can Ken access the AppRiver Email Threat Protection system to verify that it is quarantining spam to Complete Care’s specifications, Ken can also review his Daily Digest email. Daily Digest is a feature of AppRiver Email Threat Protection — an email that lists all spam held in quarantine so that a user can decide whether an email was correctly marked as spam. “I appreciate the granularity of AppRiver Email Threat Protection,” adds Ken. “I can see every email AppRiver catches and quarantines, so I can evaluate and make informed decisions. The granularity gives me the flexibility to tweak filters here and there as spammers evolve their game.”

“As you can imagine, knowing that AppRiver Email Threat Protection is doing its job gives me peace of mind,” comments Ken. “It’s huge. Huge! It takes just one mistaken click on a phishing email to cause a downward spiral that could be lost productivity or lost trust in our company. AppRiver Email Threat Protection is a huge benefit for the security of Complete Care.”

Bottom line

“I wasn’t working for Complete Care when ProSource recommended AppRiver Email Threat Protection but, having been on the value end of the decision, we trust their experience and their expertise,” surmises Ken. “Today, we have a consultancy/trusted partner relationship with ProSource. We tend to strategize with them. In IT we rely heavily on our partners who offer cyber threat protection solutions. ProSource and AppRiver will keep us a step ahead of bad actors as we continue to grow our core business here at Complete Care. It gives me great satisfaction that I can count on these professionals and their technology.”

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