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Our Customers

Our customers are our biggest fans.

Marcia, CIO
Ken, IT Manager
Tim, IT Manager
Larry, CIO
Where I Go, So Does Zix

Marcia knows how important proven IT security is in healthcare. She’s heard of healthcare groups who stopped using Zix and succumbed to ransomware attacks, having to pay a hefty fee for access to their patient data. Zix’s in-house research team is continually monitoring new and emerging threats to ensure their threat protection is always up to date. When patient data is at stake, Marcia knows she can trust Zix.

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Catches Email Threats. Delivers Peace of Mind.

When Ken joined Complete Care, there were 300 employees. Now there are 500 employees across soon-to-be 32 locations. Choosing a scalable email security partner that they could trust with their patient data was no small feat. With more employees working from home and an increasing number of bad actors looking for creative ways to infiltrate IT systems, Ken counts on email threat protection powered by Secure Cloud to do what it is supposed to do.

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Zix = Peace of Mind.

Tim became an IT Manager in 2010 and would spend hours of his days marking questionable incoming emails and blocking individual countries and accounts. Although they had an existing email security solution, it lacked usability. In 2015, they made the switch to Zix email threat protection and added information archiving. Zix has freed Tim to work on more pressing IT needs while giving him the peace of mind that his security infrastructure is working.

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Secure Email. Exceptionally Reliable. Amazing Accuracy.

Spitzer Autoworld has been around for over 100 years, well before the days of computers and email. Larry joined as CIO in 2019 to continue the spirit of innovation on the technology front and quickly realized that employees were wading through tons of email to determine legitimate from spam. Spitzer needed to implement a threat-ready solution to protect against email attacks. Larry found Zix email threat protection to be reliable, accurate and cost-effective.

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