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Zix and Microsoft help you maximize protection while minimizing the complication and distraction that security can create when you roll with other, disparate solutions. By adding more Zix and Microsoft to your security mix, you can focus on productivity and performance while our Layered Protection takes care of email-based threats.

Designed to break the cycle

Zix Layered Protection is supported by a portfolio that’s designed to break the Cyber Threat Cycle.

By combining Zix and Microsoft products to protect, detect and respond, you get an integrated, holistic solution that doesn’t leave you exposed to significant gaps in your security.

With Zix, you can also be loud and proud about Secure Cloud and the unique performance advantages it offers.

Watch the discover how to Break the Cyber Threat Cycle with Zix Layered Protection.

Email-based threats continue to be the #1 security challenge for your kind of business.

Learn more about the Cyber Threat Cycle to see why and how you can use Zix and Microsoft to break it.

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What continues to be the biggest security concern for your growing business??

How can you break the cycle of cyber threats that compromise productivity, performance and more?

And what makes Zix a leading act on the security stage?

Find the answers in our short video.

Introducing Backup and Recovery

Cloud backup and recovery plays a key part in Zix Layered Protection. That's why we've recently brought CloudAlly on stage with us.

With Zix and CloudAlly, you can promise your customers their data will still be safe in the event of an attack or human error.

Time for your Security Review

The Zix Security Review is a powerful instrument for fine-tuning your security.

By throwing a spotlight on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, it will help you optimize your threat protection while keeping things as simple as possible — so you can focus on your business productivity and performance.

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