ZixOne Use Cases: A Series of Real-World BYOD Challenges and How ZixOne Solves Them


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ZixOne Use Cases: A Series of Real-World BYOD Challenges and How ZixOne Solves Them

Zix Staff

It’s amazing how quickly BYOD emerged as the hottest IT topic. In the BYOD discussion, there are a lot of points of debate. Will BYOD increase productivity? Will it save money? Will it enhance work-life balance? No matter which side of the fence you’re on, employees are bringing personal devices into the office, and they are accessing your corporate data.

In the big picture, IT is challenged to find a BYOD security solution that protects corporate data without interfering with employee demands of control, convenience and privacy. But in speaking with customers and prospects, it’s the everyday, real-world BYOD challenges that we find really interesting. Our new blog series – ZixOne Use Cases – will share those examples and how ZixOne solves them with our unique BYOD approach.

We believe that corporate data should never be on the device. Often, we’ll reference the ease at which the device can be disconnected, thus disabling any wipe capabilities. But as most of us know, we are usually our own worst enemies, and the first real-world example shows just that.

An Airplane + A Forgotten Phone = A Bad Combination

Approximately 113 smartphones are lost and stolen every minute. So to share a story about lost smartphones is not all that interesting. However if you relate to this as individuals, it drives home the concern. An executive who travels frequently had just finished a long trip. Heading home, she realized she left her phone on the plane. She called the airline, but no luck. She called her IT department immediately, but no luck again. The smartphone was still on airplane mode from the flight. They had no way of tracking the device and no way to wipe it. The corporate data was lost, and nothing could be done.

ZixOne enables secure, easy access to corporate email, calendar and contacts through a convenient app. After entering a passcode, ZixOne provides a view into your Exchange server, never allowing that data to reside on the device. As such, the lost smartphone in airplane mode does not send your IT department in panic mode. The corporate data is safe in your network – where it belongs. Even if someone tried to access the app, ZixOne is disabled automatically if the passcode is tried and failed three times.

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