ZixCorp @ RSA 2014 – Looking at Effective BYOD Options on the Show Floor


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ZixCorp @ RSA 2014 – Looking at Effective BYOD Options on the Show Floor

Mark Cameli

It’s hard to believe another RSA Conference has come and gone!

If you’ve followed the national headlines, you may think that everyone at the conference was obsessed with the NSA, the protest Trustycon event and headliners like Stephen Colbert … and you would be wrong.

Down on the expo show floor, the Zix team spoke with a steady flow of people who continue to struggle with managing the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend that is flooding businesses and agencies alike with personal devices like smartphones and tablets. For these people, solving their BYOD and email security problems is far more important than the heady national news stories coming out of the conference.

It’s clear BYOD is still leaving people a little bewildered. There’s no silver bullet yet, and people are trying to do it the best way they know how, within the limitations they have. For some, this means total avoidance of BYOD, and for others, it’s a full embracement of BYOD with an understanding of the potential cost benefits, recruiting advantages and how BYOD can work within the company’s budget.

Email encryption was also top of mind for many – especially for those in healthcare and financial services. At the conference, it was mentioned that companies spent $486 million on technical security solutions; however, data breaches are up 30 percent. These data breaches are also getting more sophisticated, and the primary focus is on detection and eradication.

We were able to share information on Zix Email Encryption and ZixDLP, and attendees seemed very responsive to the easy-to-use technology and its assistance with HIPAA and GLBA compliance.

One of our favorite highlights from the event was being able to have face-to-face time with Zix customers. Their enthusiasm is contagious. One person even dropped by to say ZixOne was the most interesting solution he had seen on the show floor. What a compliment!

Overall, a successful event (check out some booth photos below!), and we look forward to participating in several events in the coming months!