Zix’s Strength in Community Shines for Blue Cross Blue Shield Customers and Their Members


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Zix’s Strength in Community Shines for Blue Cross Blue Shield Customers and Their Members

Zix Staff

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) organizations have an influential and prominent presence in healthcare, serving one in every three Americans who rely on their coverage for quality care. With such a profound responsibility to people and communities across the U.S., we are incredibly proud that more than 30 BCBS organizations rely on Zix and the strength of our community.

How does Zix help BCBS organizations and their members?

Email is as secure as a postcard traveling through the postal service. And just as healthcare companies and business associates can’t exchange protected health information (PHI) on the back of postcards for anyone to pick up and read, they can’t exchange PHI in email for anyone to intercept and read. Encryption is used to protect sensitive emails and their attachments, and Zix is the leader in email encryption.

We’ve gained the trust of 14,500 plus businesses by making email encryption really easy, and our BCBS customers experience the same superior ease of use. Their employees simply click send, and Zix takes care of the rest. Our proven policy filters secure email messages that contain members’ PHI, Social Security numbers and other sensitive data. Then we ensure that the recipient experience is as easy as possible.

No other competitor can match our ease of use, because we have the largest, shared email encryption community in the world.

How does our community improve email encryption for BCBS organizations?

In one year’s time, our BCBS customers sent more than 27 million encrypted emails. Those emails are critical to efficient communication and quality care for BCBS members, and they went to hospitals, clinics, specialty providers, social services and laboratories. They went to benefit consultants, business associates and regulators.

More than 5,400 of those organizations are in our community, and because they use Zix too, those emails were encrypted across the Internet and then automatically decrypted, arriving in inboxes transparently without any extra steps or hassle. In return, they sent BCBS employees nearly 7 million encrypted emails, all delivered securely and arriving transparently.

Why does superior email encryption matter to our BCBS customers and their members?

We understand that cumbersome security causes people to work around it. Our community approach skips the hassle, making email encryption as easy as regular email for our customers and, more importantly, better protecting their members and their data. Best yet, as more organizations join the community, the easier email encryption becomes and the more people are protected.

To see the community in action, register for our demo or reach out to sales. We’d love to hear from you.