Why You Need the Best-of-Breed for Your Email Encryption Solution


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Why You Need the Best-of-Breed for Your Email Encryption Solution

Zix Staff

With the recent end-of-life announcement for the McAfee Email Gateway, one question we keep hearing is what existing McAfee Email Gateway customers should be doing in preparation. Happily there are several options for upgrading your email encryption now and then migrating to an interoperable solution over the next few months; and these options include Zix’s best-of-breed ZixGateway.

For nearly twenty years, Zix has successfully migrated customers to ZixGateway from "all-in-one" email security solutions that are unable to focus on providing the best possible email data protection experience. What’s more, Zix’s best-of-breed email encryption solution, ZixGateway, interoperates with the McAfee Email Gateway, meaning that for the foreseeable future, customers with McAfee Email Gateway will be able to use their existing appliances and still benefit from Zix’s world-beating email policy filters and other best-of-breed benefits. At a time of their choosing they will then be able to migrate easily and seamlessly to a wholly Zix solution, featuring Zix’s famous transparent email encryption function, that fully automates the encryption/decryption process, thus protecting your employees from the human error often associated with data breaches.

Benefits of ZixGateway

  • Transparent: Zix's Best Method of Delivery automatically determines the most efficient way to deliver highly secure messages, with over 75% of these messages delivered transparently
  • Easy-to-Use: Messages are automatically decrypted within your secure network before email arrives in employees' inboxes
  • Secure: Visibility for compliance is achieved using a best-of-breed dashboard plus customizable reports tailored for security offers

With more than one million emails encrypted by Zix every day, you can depend on Zix for reliable, transparent, automatic email encryption that is trusted by the nation's most influential organizations. McAfee Email Gateway customers can be assured that we at Zix have their backs. Zix solutions work on the premises, or in the cloud, and with all known mail servers; and our team makes this migration seamless for your entire organization. Learn more about Zix best-of-breed email encryption solutions here.