This Is App Wrapping, Unwrapped


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This Is App Wrapping, Unwrapped

Neil Farquharson

There’s a common misperception that just because a mobile device is secured — such as having an “unbreakable” passcode — that the data on the device is also secure. But, there is no such thing as an unbreakable passcode (especially if it’s just limited to four digits). To actually protect data on the device, there needs to be an additional layer of mobile protection.

This tends to come in two forms:

  1. MDM, which controls the entire device, OR
  2. Containerization, which separates the personal from corporate data

Both have their pitfalls, ranging from remote wiping to a less-than-stellar user experience.

That’s why companies have started trying a third mobile management strategy called app wrapping.

App wrapping can be compared to the wrapping on a chocolate bar. Similar to how the wrapper protects the chocolate, app wrapping adds an extra layer of protection around a regular mobile app, offering security and management features.

But don’t let the sweetness fool you. This technique is a management and maintenance nightmare.

Between its burdensome implementation and required individual licensing from vendors, app wrapping is not as ideal as it sounds. Problems can arise when there is an app or OS update, requiring your team to update its app wrapping package and redistribute to users. This will raise havoc when you have implemented wrapping on multiple apps.

The best alternative to MDM, containerization and app wrapping is simply keeping corporate data off employees’ personal devices.

If a device is ever lost or stolen, no need to worry that someone will easily crack your passcode or jailbreak your employees’ phone. Companies can simply disable access to apps containing corporate information instead of wiping the device completely of all corporate and personal data. At the same time, companies can avoid employee complaints and liability associated with loss of control, personal data and privacy.

Don’t get wrapped up in ineffective security solutions.

You can manage employees’ mobile devices effectively by keeping the data off the device with solutions like ZixOne.

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