The Community of Trust for Email Encryption


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The Community of Trust for Email Encryption

Neil Farquharson

Back in 2007 Jay Heiser, a respected researcher in on-line security and privacy, described a Community of Trust*, this being a secure, multi-organizational collaborative community working within a highly trustable digital environment. The topic of the Community of Trust came up several times during last week’s Zix Webinar. During the webinar, I had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Klimczak of Genisys Credit Union based in Michigan whose company has been a member of the Zix Community of Trust for over eight years. Frank described in some detail how easy it is for the staff at Genisys to use the Zix Community of Trust when exchanging documents not only with business partners, but also with the health insurance company that looks after the needs of Genisys Credit Union’s own staff. For Genisys, the administration of the Zix solution is a breeze, and for the non-technical staff there is no effort at all in using the solution: the automated system is working in the background 24/7 and so there is no loss of time or productivity and no distraction from core activities. From the webinar, the main points were:

  • A 2014 FFIEC study demonstrated that there are still banks and credit unions who are not taking “basic cybersecurity action” to protect their customers and their business.
  • Encrypted email secures Non-public Personal Information (NPI) as it transits the public internet.
  • A Community of Trust provides a number of advantages over traditional email encryption, including transparent delivery within a high-trust digital environment.
  • The agencies within the FFIEC (including the NCUA and CFPB) are already members of the Zix Community of Trust, so it makes sense for banks, credit unions and financial institutions to join the same high-trust digital environment.
  • Zix, the market leader in email encryption, already has over 11,500 companies and many millions of users protected by its proven solutions.
  • Customers who use providers that have Zix solutions tend to remain with these providers.

If you’d like to watch a recording of last week’s webinar, please click on this link.

* Heiser, J. (2007), How to Create a Community of Trust, Gartner, Inc., Stamford, CT. Research ID Number G00145683.