Tap into the Zix Encryption Network to Increase Ease of Use and Archiving Capabilities


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Tap into the Zix Encryption Network to Increase Ease of Use and Archiving Capabilities

Zix Staff

If you ask most people to describe their experience when receiving an encrypted email, they will probably describe a disruptive process that requires clicking on a link or attachment and then having to register or enter a password to read the message.  Even the best email encryption solutions, such as Zix, require the user to take extra steps to read a message. It’s simply the way the world’s email infrastructure works. BUT if you are a Zix customer communicating with another Zix customer, there are no extra steps. Zix provides automatic transparent email encryption between all customers, which means users do not have to click on a link or attachment and there are no passwords required to read the message. How often does that happen? On average, Zix customers have 70% of their encrypted email traffic delivered transparently.

Even if you are using a different email encryption solution (i.e. someone other than Zix), your employees are probably receiving Zix encrypted emails today. Although Zix provides the industry’s easiest to use, mobile-friendly portal experience for reading encrypted emails when you are not a customer, it still requires the user to leave their inbox to read and reply to the message. Perhaps even more importantly, as with any pull or push delivery method, your organization loses the ability to archive those encrypted emails creating a regulatory compliance challenge. There is a solution, and it’s called ZixAccess.

If you already have an email encryption solution, you can benefit from transparent encryption with other Zix customers by using ZixAccess. ZixAccess is a simple, low-cost solution that enables companies to receive encrypted email from other Zix customers transparently by becoming part of the Zix Encryption Network.

ZixAccess automatically decrypts inbound Zix encrypted emails, enabling thousands of messages to be properly scanned and archived by your internal systems. If the user replies or forwards a message, ZixAccess will automatically re-encrypt it to ensure the sensitive information is protected and facilitate transparent encryption back to the Zix customer that originally sent the message. Further strengthening your compliance, those replies and forwards can then be scanned and archived, where previously they were stored and inaccessible in the portal.  

If you’d like to find out how many Zix encrypted emails your employees are receiving today, Zix can provide you with a report that shows how many messages you receive and what organizations are sending them. To get your report, contact sales here.