Survey Series, Part 6: Study Summary and Next Steps to an Effective Email Encryption Strategy


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Survey Series, Part 6: Study Summary and Next Steps to an Effective Email Encryption Strategy

Zix Staff

During the past six weeks, we’ve examined the key findings of the Ponemon Institute study “The State of Email Encryption.” If you haven’t had a chance to read our survey blog series, here’s what you need to take away:

•The use of email by employees is one of the main sources of data leakage in organizations
•Mobile devices expand the complexity of securing email and add to data loss concerns
•Easy to use email encryption is a priority for organizations and necessary for everyday use
•Outdated solutions lead to user frustration and an ineffective email security strategy

Whether your organization is new to email encryption or it implemented a secure email solution years ago, make sure your organization is leveraging the latest technology to help alleviate your email security concerns and, most importantly, protect your customers and business partners.

To understand which email encryption solution meets your data protection needs and enables convenient technology for everyday use, start by asking the following questions:

1.Will the solution operate on any browser and all common email applications?
2.How are encryption and decryption keys managed?
3.What methods does the solution support to trigger encryption?
4.What delivery methods are available?
5.Does it support dialogue for easy reply to any and all message recipients?
6.What is the end-user experience?
7.Is it possible to benefit from transparent delivery with recipients who are using products from the same vendor?
8.Does the solution support mobile device access and reply? What are the steps involved?
9.Is the solution on-premise or delivered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model?
10.What is required for day-to-day administration and maintenance?
11.Is there a method for anyone to initiate an inbound secure message to your organization?
12.How does the solution manage:

    -Adding custom header and/or footer text

By using these questions as a foundation, you can address all the challenges identified in the Ponemon Institute study and select an email encryption solution that fits your customers, your partners and your organization.