Survey Says… Individuals Would Rather Lose Wallet, Than Mobile Device


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Survey Says… Individuals Would Rather Lose Wallet, Than Mobile Device

Zix Staff

Let’s face it – we trust mobile devices with some of our most priceless information, from photos to bank account numbers to work emails. But with the rise of BYOD and the fact that every 3 minutes a personal device is remotely wiped by an employer, it’s not surprising that recent findings indicate some people would rather lose their wallet than their mobile device.

In a recent study, we asked more than 1,000 respondents their views on corporate BYOD policies and the value they place on personal data contained on their mobile devices. Let’s take a look at the top issues employees are facing when it comes to BYOD.

  1. Employer control is impacting BYOD adoption. Many employers have incorporated remote wiping into their BYOD policies and security strategy. However, 71 percent of respondents said they would avoid using their personal device for work if they knew it could be completely wiped if the device was lost or they left the company.
  1. BYOD policies affect how long it takes employees to report missing devices. The chances of corporate data being accessed by outside sources when a device is lost or stolen increases with time. With the threat of remote wiping, 41 percent of employees would wait a few hours to over a week to report their phone missing.
  1. Privacy invasion is a top concern. The possibility of employer overreach is a top concern when it comes to BYOD. Employer access to personal information was ranked as the most concerning by individuals.
  1. Tracking location can be seen as less egregious than wiping a device. The importance of personal information stored on mobile devices is valued more than privacy. More than half of respondents would rather let an employer track their location than wipe data such as personal photos, contacts and email.

Although employees have significant concerns about privacy and employer controls, they do not have to be a barrier to BYOD enablement or adoption if companies shift their BYOD security strategy from controlling the device to controlling the data. By leveraging the right BYOD approach, companies can ensure that data is better protected while keeping employees happy. Without the threat of remote wiping or privacy invasion, employees are more likely to adopt BYOD as well as protect corporate data without hesitating to report a lost or stolen device. To see our full survey findings, check out our interactive results page.