Simplicity Must be the Priority in Security


Thought Leadership

Simplicity Must be the Priority in Security

Zix Staff

For security solutions, simplicity is required for everyday use and real compliance. The protection of email and sensitive data is simple… as long as you stay within your company network. The complications begin when you introduce customers, business partners and regulatory entities into the mix. Expanding communication beyond your network, beyond your controlled environment, opens up your company to vulnerabilities you cannot manage and cannot afford to ignore.

So, to combat those threats, you introduce a security “solution” for everyone to use – from employees, to customers, to business partners. However, if secure email is not simple, not everyone will use it, leaving you with a disruptive technology that is ineffective at protecting you, your company and your relationships. Ease of use is the solution for secure email.

Email encryption must be convenient for senders and receivers, not just IT departments, installers and administrators. To make this happen, email encryption must have a consistent look and feel that senders and receivers trust, a common password per receiver across all his or her email connections and limited, if any, extra steps.

Combining these three elements enables senders and receivers to skip the time wasted of cumbersome, confusing steps and digging through their mental stack of passwords. They enable them to simply send a secure email, just like any other email.

ZixCorp accomplishes this feat with a shared system of keys – the world’s largest email encryption network, ZixDirectory. A shared network eliminates steps and multiple passwords. It creates a common look and feel that senders can confidently direct customers and partners to and receivers can confidently use to access and respond to email securely. And often – more than 50 percent of the time – when an email is sent, no extra steps are needed. Not a link to click, not even a password to enter. It’s all secure. It’s all simple. And ZixCorp is proud to say we are the only provider that can offer that transparency and simplicity.

So when you invest to manage risk and achieve compliance, select a secure email solution that is simple enough for everyone. Only then will you get everyday use and real compliance.