Our Launch into DLP


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Our Launch into DLP

Zix Staff

Until recently all we’ve focused on is the advancement and optimization of email encryption. We have email encryption in a good place, delivering secure email as easy as regular email. No steps. No passwords. While we continue to invest in our email encryption, we saw a great opportunity to expand into a new technology – data loss prevention (DLP) – with a new product – ZixDLP.

The opportunity was born out of listening to complaints about the complexity, cost and resources required to implement DLP coupled with our depth of email experience. So with that in mind, let’s dive into: “Why did we focus on a single application – specifically email?”

Email is the most used communication tool in business. It is the greatest asset in enabling organizations to collaborate and share valuable information inside and outside their network. However, email is also the greatest threat - leaking customer information, intellectual property and other sensitive data that should not leave your network. The Ponemon Institute confirmed email as a main source of data leaks in its 2011 survey of 830 information technology, security and compliance professionals. Gartner Research often references the risks inherent in email communication.

So by focusing on what ZixCorp does best - securing email - we not only allow business to monitor and protect the channel that exposes your organization to the most risk but we solve the headaches of most DLP solutions. We reduce the complexity and cost. We decrease the timeline from months to hours, and we deploy the solution with minimal impact on your team.

We did all this, and we kept our company’s commitment to providing the most convenient experience possible for the administrators managing the system and employees interacting with the system. After all, if a security solution isn’t easy, it probably won’t be used; and if it isn’t used, how can it ever be effective?

For a demo of ZixDLP, please contact us at 866-257-4949 or visit us at the ZixCorp booth – no. 550 – at the RSA Conference on Feb. 25-28, 2013.