Ms. Clinton Would Benefit From Zix Email Data Protection


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Ms. Clinton Would Benefit From Zix Email Data Protection

Neil Farquharson

Love her or dislike her, you’ve got to admire Hillary Clinton’s tenacity. I just watched the video recording of her on the New York Times website, and boy did she come out fighting. I guess the reception of her statements may determine whether or not she runs for her party’s ticket, but I’m going to leave politics to politicians and focus on something far more important: Ms. Clinton’s oblique reference to ZixOne.

In her almost three minute statement addressing email concerns, Ms. Clinton began by saying “I opted for convenience.” She then went on to state “I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails, instead of two.” On this issue Ms. Clinton and I are in perfect agreement. Why would anyone wish to carry two smartphones? They’re designed for convenience, and to be carried easily.

ZixOne is so named because one mobile device can manage both your work emails and your personal emails. The work emails are kept entirely separate from the personal emails. In fact the work emails aren’t even stored on the single device – ZixOne is also named because only one copy of each email exists, the one on the work email server. ZixOne brings you secure access to your work emails plus audit and record keeping functionality that would more than please any Select Committee or Accountability Review Board.

If all of the above wasn’t concerning enough in terms of security, a major shiver goes down my spine when I consider that Ms. Clinton was using a personal email account that may or may not have been secure. At Zix, our business solutions come with email encryption and data protection functionality that is far superior to any known personal email service.

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