Customer Feedback Rates Zix Above Others


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Customer Feedback Rates Zix Above Others

Geoff Bibby

From our earliest days, we at Zix pledged to not just sell best-in-class solutions, but also to provide phenomenal support. Cybersecurity is one of the most important issues of today, with email an ongoing battlefront. Our primary goal is to help our customers protect their email flow.

That’s why we are so pleased with our Net Promoter Score. The NPS offers a general indicator of how positively or negatively a company is perceived by its customers. Based on a survey that measures how willing an existing customer is to recommend a company’s products or services to someone else, the score ranges from minus 100 to 100, with a score above zero indicating that more customers are willing to make such a recommendation. Moreover, because it’s based on actual customer feedback, the NPS is more objective than some other key performance indicators.

At Zix, our score is nearly double the average for software companies. Better still, it’s 10 times higher than some of our competitors’ scores. Though there’s no real secret to our success, ultimately we’ve been able to create a pool of loyal, enthusiastic, and evangelistic customers by putting their needs and wants first.

Making Email Security Accessible to All

We understand that the success of a particular software depends less on how high-powered the software is and more on how well it meets a user’s needs, making support as much a part of our mission as cybersecurity.

Every one of our customers is assigned a dedicated representative from our customer success team. This representative addresses customers’ questions about their current solutions, educates them on enhancements or additional product offerings, and reviews any potential challenges. By working one-on-one with an email security expert, each customer can then optimize his or her email security strategies to meet his or her specific needs.

We also have a support team that’s available 24/7/365. Having Zix experts available to clients literally every minute of the year ensures that questions and concerns about email security don’t lead to preventable problems.

Empowering Users to Drive the Solution

Still, our support teams don’t just answer questions. They also seek to understand and embrace the customer experience.

When it comes to our cybersecurity solutions, we’re eager for feedback — both positive and negative — that we can then incorporate directly into the product road map. With customers themselves setting the priorities, it’s our team’s job to then realize those priorities. We introduce updates, improvements, and new products to reflect customer concerns, meaning that each iteration is more actionable and more accessible than the last. In this way, we can continue to create stronger and more convenient solutions that combat today’s dynamic cyber landscape.

Take, for example, the curated bundles of email security solutions we created. We reached out to our customers, and they told us what they needed in order to feel confident about both outbound and inbound mail flow. Then we created options that could be tailored to various organization sizes and security levels, making it easier for both current and potential customers to get the comprehensive security they need at prices they can afford. This same process of feedback to implementation we also followed when introducing a centralized administration console — a single pane of glass view.

At Zix, our mission is simple: protect email communications for our customers and their communities. We strive daily to live this message. In doing so, we make our security solutions better today to meet more of our customers’ needs tomorrow