Keeping Your Most Used Mobile Business App Safeguarded


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Keeping Your Most Used Mobile Business App Safeguarded

Zix Staff

Chances are, you use your personal smartphone or tablet for everything from playing Angry Birds to choosing the best filter for your photos via Instagram and finding the love of your life on Tinder.

However, when it comes to business, despite buzz around BYOD and accessing corporate information on personal devices, if we narrow it down, email is the business app we use the most for viewing and sharing company data.

Within email is vital information from financials, credit card numbers, customer information, business plans and other proprietary information. The implications of this data falling into the wrong hands can be catastrophic.

Imagine attending a conference and paying a visit to a competitor’s booth. While you’re there, you accidently set down your phone and walk away to take care of other business. The next day, after realizing your phone is missing, you wake up to find sensitive company information spilled over to press and investors. This scenario could potentially cost you your job, damage your company’s reputation and even trigger millions of dollars in lost revenue.

So what is the safest way to make sure sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, IT and security managers should start by protecting the mobile activity that is used by most, if not all, employees and exposes the most risk –email.

At Zix, we believe the best solution enables access to corporate email without allowing it reside on the device. If the device is lost or stolen, companies can disable access to the email app instead of wiping the device completely, ensuring the safety of company emails and attachments. At the same time, companies can avoid employee complaints and liability associated with loss of control, personal data and privacy.

If there’s one thing you should protect in our BYOD world, it’s email. Securing it and using it should simple, and it can be.