A Reflection on My First Year as CEO of ZixCorp


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A Reflection on My First Year as CEO of ZixCorp

Zix Staff

Today marks my one-year anniversary as CEO of Zix. As I reflect on these first 365 days, I’m overcome with pride for this company and the work we do for our customers. What I told the Zix staff at my first  all-company meeting rings true even more today — “We have millions of users that get real value from our solutions every day and who renew at a high rate. We have a strong corporate culture where every team member is valued and performs at a high level. It’s a privilege to be chosen by the Zix board to lead this team.”

That statement points to one key theme that’s resonated with me throughout the year: the people. It’s the people here at Zix who innovate each and every day to help protect businesses and their communities. It’s our customers who make up Zix’s fan club, using our solutions to protect their bank, hospital or company against the growing cybersecurity threats they face. And finally, it’s our customers’ customers — the real people who trust their bank teller, doctor and mortgage broker with their sensitive data.

It’s both because of and on behalf of this community that Zix remains committed to providing top-quality solutions for modern-day cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  

Driving Encryption Expertise and Innovation

Our team makes encryption easy to use, provides renowned customer service and, no matter what is thrown at them, they are “always on.” As cybersecurity threats become more complex, we have a huge responsibility to our customers to continue to make progress toward comprehensive industry-focused solutions. 

Championing our Customers

Zix has some of the best customers in the business. This past year, we added another 2,400+ organizations in healthcare, finance, government and other industries to the Zix roster. We now serve a customer base of nearly 15,000 companies. On behalf of my team, we vow to invest in our customers’ success today and always.

Solving Real Problems for Real People

Our work here at Zix is so important, because we help protect companies’ data so that real people can get the services they need without putting their information at risk. We want everyone to be able to go to the bank or visit their doctor without concern that their sensitive information may fall into the wrong hands. We will continue to innovate solutions with the end consumer in mind.

As I look ahead to my second year at Zix, I see the cybersecurity threats we’re facing today increasing in complexity and severity. We’ve seen email data breaches dominate headlines in recent years, including the DNC, John Podesta and Colin Powell in 2016. All companies, regardless of size, need to take data protection seriously or risk a similar fate. Here at Zix, we make powerful email encryption easy to use. We are monitoring data security trends closely to ensure we continue to provide top-quality service to all of those people who count on us.

As we forge ahead as the gold standard in email encryption, we owe it to our community of customers, partners and stakeholders to continue innovating and providing reliable email data protection. That’s a job I take seriously.