Going the Extra Mile Delivers Competitive Advantage


Thought Leadership

Going the Extra Mile Delivers Competitive Advantage

Jim Brashear

Email encryption enables businesses to confidently exchange sensitive information with customers and partners. It protects outbound email and automatically encrypts any replies. But what happens when customers and partners need to initiate a secure email from their side? How can businesses extend that secure experience? ZixCorp Secure Compose is the solution.

A feature of ZixPort, Secure Compose allows your customers and partners to initiate a secure email without any complicated set-up process. Without delay, your customers and partners can initiate a new encrypted email through two convenient access points. The first option leverages your outgoing messages, adding a Secure Compose link to employee email signatures or in your corporate disclaimer. Your recipients can send a new, encrypted email by simply clicking “Send me a Secure Message.” The second option adds a secure message feature to your Web site. The Secure Message addition can be customized and included on your homepage, “Contact Us” page and any other Web pages that are highly visible to customers and partners.

Building on the convenience of Secure Compose is its accessibility. Just as your customers and partners navigate smoothly between desktop and mobile devices, so does Secure Compose. It offers your customers and partners encrypted email to your business anytime, anywhere and across all major mobile platforms, including Android TM, BlackBerry®, iPhone® and iPad®.

By employing Secure Compose, your business not only extends the secure email experience but benefits from a competitive advantage – highlighting how much your business values the privacy of customers and partners. The extra steps you are willing to take to ensure their sensitive information is secured will only further their trust in your business and provide another reason to continue their loyalty to your brand. To see just how Secure Compose works and how it can work for you, please view the Secure Compose datasheet.