GAME: The New Secure Email App for Google Apps Users


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GAME: The New Secure Email App for Google Apps Users

Neil Farquharson

I’m a big fan of Google. For several years now I’ve used Google Voice numbers to filter calls both to my personal smartphone and to our home phone. My wife loves Google’s global spam filter that has silenced our home phone around dinner time. I use Google Maps whenever I travel. So too, I like Google Apps for Work: If you’re not familiar with Google Apps, it comes with reams of cloud storage space and a multitude of work collaboration tools. I personally use Smartsheet, an online project management suite, while a good friend of mine recommends CloudFactor, a Google App that allows him to access data from his Gmail account. Another friend has a very positive view of Appogee, an HR management tool.

Therefore you can imagine my delight to discover that Google Apps now offers an email encryption service specifically designed to work with Google Apps. Security breaches have been in the news a lot recently, and the Edward Snowden revelations about message interception demonstrate that email is at its most vulnerable when in transit across the public Internet.

Unlike most other email encryption solutions, GAME (Google Apps Message Encryption) works seamlessly with Google Apps, operating automatically in the background to secure any emails you or your staff send that contain sensitive data in the email body or in any attachments.

There is a GAME Global Directory that automatically aids identification of, and secure delivery to, other GAME subscribers, and they enjoy automatic transparent secure delivery. That is, secure emails are automatically decrypted at the destination and appear in the recipient’s inbox as a plaintext message, just like the other messages in their inbox. Just so the recipient knows that the email has been encrypted in transit, a banner at the top of the decrypted email informs him of this: a nice touch. When sending secure emails to non-GAME-subscribers, the recipient receives an easy-to-understand notification email that gives instructions on how to view or decrypt the secure message in just two easy steps.

What could be easier? A proven email encryption solution that fuses with Google Apps, that is fully hosted in the cloud, and that requires no infrastructure investments or up-front costs. Just an easily manageable monthly subscription.

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