Encryption — We ALL Use It and More Often than You Think


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Encryption — We ALL Use It and More Often than You Think

Zix Staff

Have you ever used encryption?

While it seems like an easy yes-or-no question, there are plenty of people who actually don’t know.

According to our recent survey, 95 percent of respondents said they believe their sensitive information should be encrypted online. Yet, a whopping 68 percent said they weren’t sure or had not [knowingly] used the technology.

Is it possible to use encryption without actively knowing you’ve done so?

Well, if you’ve ever completed one of the following tasks, odds are you have (at least we hope so).

Shopping Online

Is there anything more convenient than shopping online? Even though shopping online is as easy as 1-2-3, too often shoppers provide their personal data, finalize their order and click “submit” without stopping to think about how their data is protected. Luckily for them, most Internet purchases are secured with encryption. So, the next time you’re shopping online and want to ensure your information is secure, check the address bar at the top of the screen. If you see “https://,” the “s” after “http” indicates that the web site is secure.

E-filing Your Taxes 

Oh, Tax Season … what a fun time! Are you one of the 150 million taxpayers that just filed online? With an estimated four out of five tax returns filed electronically this year, a majority of taxpayers quickly filed their returns online just to cross them off their to-do lists. To keep e-filing safe, popular sites like TurboTax, TaxAct and H&R Block are safeguarding your most sensitive data with encryption.

Emailing your Doctor 

Does your doctor offer the convenience of email communications? If you’ve exchanged emails with a physician or received test results through a notification link in your inbox, you may have done so securely through encrypted email.

So, if you would have answered no or not sure to “Have you ever used encryption?” do you want to a second chance at answering that question?

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