Easy Living and Easy Email Encryption


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Easy Living and Easy Email Encryption

Nigel Johnson

Summer is such a positive time for so many. Its appeal is obvious: it’s a simple time. Simplified evenings (not as many kids obligations), simplified travel (no snow to battle), and simplified meals (fire up that grill).

This theme of simplicity carries over nicely to many aspects of ZixCorp and its Email Encryption Services.

Simple Choice: For anyone considering email encryption, ZixCorp is a simple choice for a variety of reasons. First, the ZixDirectory has tens of millions of members, which if you subscribe to a “safety in numbers” mentality, then ZixCorp is a clear choice. Second, ZixCorp is used by some very prestigious partners and customers. On the partner front, we’re partnered with leaders like Google, Symantec, Webroot, Dell/SecureWorks and M86. On the customer side, we’re used by nearly 1 in 5 hospitals, the SEC, AIG and FINRA, to name a few.

Simple for users: Data loss through email is definitely a big issue. However, an email encryption solution can only help if it’s used. At ZixCorp, we think about this issue on a near constant basis. It’s evident in everything we do. Here are some examples:

ZixMobility - Our competitors either utilize a push architecture, which doesn’t support mobility, or they suggest you download an app. ZixMobility simplifies the user’s life with a web-based approach that delivers one-click access to your secure message.

Transparent Email Encryption - This is the ultimate in simplicity. Secure email that’s identical to standard email for both sender and receiver. How? Simple, we (using our ZixGateway) encrypt everything that needs encryption on the way out of the sender’s organization, and we decrypt everything (using our ZixGateway) on the way into the recipient’s organization.

Next blog entry, I’ll cover ZixDirectory and why SaaS makes ZixCorp easy to install.