Don’t Sweat Cyber Monday with DLP


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Don’t Sweat Cyber Monday with DLP

Zix Staff

Ah, Thanksgiving. The official start to the Holiday season. While “Black Friday” nabs many of the headlines (and YouTube videos), an increased number of people trade parking nightmares and endless lines at stores this weekend in exchange for online shopping during Cyber Monday.

Come Monday, November 30, shoppers will flood into their workplaces ready to boot up their company computers and get online in time to snag some deals. With online retailers running flash sales and making only small volumes of product available to shoppers, you can almost guarantee employees will be doing their best to get their hands on the items they and their families covet most. Amidst all the shopping, sales watching and deal hunting, employees are still expected to get their work done. If you are anything like us, the thought of employees splitting time between work and shopping is a bit of a red flag. The potential for a data breach due to distraction is at an all-time high on Cyber Monday.

As we have covered on this blog before, human error is one of the most common causes of data breaches. Whether it is attaching the wrong file or sending an email to the wrong person, human error is a very real threat that CSOs and IT staff need to address.

On a day like Cyber Monday, many employees will believe they are multitaskers. The only problem is — when folks are “multitasking,” they are not giving the task at hand proper attention, increasing the chance for a mistake.

Don’t worry though! There is a solution.

While it’s probably next to impossible to stop employees from shopping or being distracted on a day like Cyber Monday, companies can lower their risk for accidental data breaches. How? By implementing a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, a company can feel safe knowing that a distracted employee won’t accidentally cause a massive data breach due to an email error. With DLP, email leaving your network is automatically scanned, checked for sensitive information and quarantined if a policy is triggered – protecting your employees and your company.

Happy Shopping!