Dealing with Data Breach and Data Loss Prevention


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Dealing with Data Breach and Data Loss Prevention

Zix Staff

Your company has suffered a data breach, and your executives are concerned and looking to you for the cause and a solution.

While cyber threats and attacks are becoming more sophisticated and demanding of more resources, it’s critical that you don’t lose sight of a data-loss cause closer to home – your employees. In their roles, employees are trusted with highly sensitive information, from financial information and personally identifiable information (PII) of customers and employees to medical records or intellectual property. Over the course of their daily responsibilities, employees can mistakenly share that information outside your secure network.

The loss or breach of sensitive information can impact organizations big and small, very negatively, and it’s likely that the breach will occur through email.

Email’s greatest benefit is enabling organizations to collaborate and share valuable information inside and outside your network. But this benefit comes at the cost of also being the greatest threat to sensitive data. Take the recent Woolworths data breach for example:

In a significant data breach, Australian supermarket chain Woolworths mistakenly emailed out a spreadsheet with the personal details of thousands of customers, as well as the redeemable codes of 7,941 gift cards.

After all, unintended disclosure was the second most common cause of 2014 data breaches after hacking and malware.


With an email data loss prevention (DLP) solution, organizations can monitor and protect this everyday channel of communication. By scanning all emails leaving your company, DLP has the ability to let appropriate messages leave the network or to flag and stop emails that contain sensitive information and perhaps shouldn’t leave the network. Companies and organizations that must comply with regulations — such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and the Federal Information Security Management Act — can set up filters that quarantine emails that could lead to a violation.

In the end, your employees are your greatest asset, but they’re also a top breach threat. Even your best, most well-intentioned employee could have a bad day. When that day happens, you will be happy you have implemented an email DLP solution that will act as their safety net, catching any slip-up that might otherwise have made it out of your system.