Customer Spotlight - Union Bank "Opens Up Shop" with ZixOne


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Customer Spotlight - Union Bank "Opens Up Shop" with ZixOne

Zix Staff

Let’s be honest, IT departments rarely have an opportunity to make everyone happy — especially when it comes to the selection of security solutions. Selecting a BYOD product is no different than any other security solution — many times privacy is sacrificed in the name of security. While this ensures that data is secure, it can also lead to unnecessary tension within the workplace. Because of this, Union Bank remained a “closed shop” to mobile devices for many years. Unable to find a solution that balanced employee needs with security, the bank made the conscious decision to not implement a security solution unless it would please all of its employees. When Union Bank decided to allow employees to use their personal mobile devices, the IT team wanted to avoid making any compromises. They knew they needed a solution that could meet security requirements AND employee demands for an easy-to-use, non-intrusive solution. Once discovering ZixOne, Union Bank knew it was the right product. With its no data on device approach, Union Bank employees can now securely access corporate and client data on-the-go, without worrying about their personal privacy being violated. Another bonus?  ZixOne is easy to use and easy to deploy. Don Goodhue, vice president of information technology at Union Bank, sums it up perfectly:

“ZixOne’s approach of giving us control of our data without managing employee devices provides a straightforward solution that makes everyone happy. 

There is no admin overhead, and rollout was incredibly smooth. Employees use ZixOne in the office for meetings or on the road with clients. It works great — ZixOne is exactly what we needed.

Implementing BYOD may seem like a risky proposition at first, but Union Bank learned that with the right solution, BYOD can make everyone happy. Here’s a little about Union Bank:

  • Founded in 1891 and headquartered in Morrisville, VT
  • Serves Northern Vermont and northwestern New Hampshire with 17 branches and two loan centers
  • Offers deposit, loan, asset management and commercial banking services