Customer Spotlight: Highland District Hospital Trusts Zix with Email Security


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Customer Spotlight: Highland District Hospital Trusts Zix with Email Security

Zix Staff

With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Audit Program in Phase 2, HIPAA compliance is top of mind right now for healthcare providers and business associates that manage and exchange protected health information (PHI).

Combine the audit program with a rise in healthcare data breaches, amounting to the loss of $6.2 billion per year, and it’s no wonder healthcare organizations are looking for and sticking with reliable, easy-to-use data security solutions.

That’s why Highland District Hospital signed a five-year contract renewal for ZixGateway. As a policy-based email encryption service, ZixGateway is designed to secure PHI, financial data and other personally identifiable information by automatically scanning and encrypting outbound emails with any sensitive data. With automation and the industry’s easiest user experience, Highland District Hospital can safeguard its patients’ privacy and meet a regulatory obligation, without placing added strain or burden on its employees.

“Zix Email Encryption works wonderfully. Our patients, employees and peers appreciate the high level of security without the extra effort, and our leadership takes comfort in knowing that patient privacy and compliance are met without interference of quality care,” said Tim Bogard, Information Systems manager for Highland District Hospital.

Thanks to the power of Zix, Highland District Hospital employees can communicate securely and transparently with more than 200 organizations, including other healthcare providers, payers, financial institutions and government organizations within the Zix Encrypted Network. If the sender and receiver are both ZixGateway users, emails are automatically encrypted and decrypted without any extra steps or passwords. If recipients do not use Zix, encrypted messages are delivered in two steps or less through a mobile-friendly secure Web portal.

With minimal interruption, Highland District Hospital employees can focus on what they do best: providing quality patient care for its community.

About Highland District Hospital:

  • Serves more than 65,000 residents from Highland County, Ohio, and surrounding counties
  • Employs over 340 people, including 60 physicians, representing 23 specialties and subspecialties
  • Happy Zix customer for nearly a decade