Customer Spotlight - For First State Bank of Rice, Investing in Cybersecurity Is a Way of Life


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Customer Spotlight - For First State Bank of Rice, Investing in Cybersecurity Is a Way of Life

Neil Farquharson

Data breaches can happen for a number of reasons. A thief can get a hold of an employee’s mobile device that contains corporate data, an employee can accidentally forward sensitive information to the wrong email address, or a hacker can even intercept unencrypted email containing personally identifiable information. While these scenarios are all very different, one thing is the same – they can all lead to a data breach with private information exposed. In working with managed service provide Unicom Technologies Inc., First State Bank (FSB) of Rice could identify evolving threats and enhance its data security program. And since email is a top vulnerability, FSB needed a data security “umbrella” of sorts that could protect against the various types of email security risks and maintain the trust of its customers. With that idea in mind, the bank turned to ZixCorp for help with email data protection. FSB President and CEO Michael J. Montgomery sums it up perfectly: “Investing in cybersecurity is becoming a way of life for any business, but particularly so for banks that have an abundance of valuable personal data, such as financial data, tax identification numbers and Social Security numbers. Our clients trust us to take care of their financial needs, but they also rely on us to protect their privacy.” To secure outbound messages containing sensitive data, FSB employees use ZixGateway, an email encryption solution that automatically scans outbound email. If it detects any sensitive data, ZixGateway automatically encrypts outgoing emails and relieves employees of the hassle and stress of extra steps. Because mistakes happen to the best of us, FSB also deployed ZixDLP, a data loss prevention tool with quarantine filters, to prevent employees from accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient or exchanging the wrong file. As Montgomery puts it: “Our employees live in the communities we serve. They understand the importance of data security, but mistakes happen. Automatic encryption and DLP make sure that nothing sensitive falls through the cracks. Our employees love it and so does our board of directors.” With the rise of mobile devices in the workplace, FSB knew that it also needed a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) security solution. ZixOne provides FSB employees with secure access to corporate email on their personal devices without jeopardizing customer data or employee control. How? No data actually resides on the device. If an employee’s personal phone or tablet is ever lost or stolen, an administrator can easily disable corporate email access to that device, dissolving the fear of confidential information falling into the wrong hands. First State Bank of Rice serves as a model for investing in the proper email data protection solutions. By covering all of its bases, FSB continues to thwart security risks and prove that customer privacy is a top priority. About First State Bank of Rice:

  • Financial services company established in 1928
  • Member of the Rice Bancshares, Inc. located in Rice, Texas
  • Manages $150 million in assets