Customer Spotlight — ZixCorp Makes the Team, Protects Patient Privacy


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Customer Spotlight — ZixCorp Makes the Team, Protects Patient Privacy

Zix Staff

Just like a quarterback needs protection from his offensive line, personal health information (PHI) needs elite protection to be kept safe from unwanted eyes.

The healthcare industry is a repository for sensitive information, and when some of that information belongs to the Chicago Bears, the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks, the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs, you want to make sure that compliance and protection go hand-in-hand with patient care.

Athletico, the preferred physical therapy team for Chicago’s pro athletes as well as 200 other affiliations, brings with it a certain level of expectation from patients that it strives to live up to. To safeguard patients’ PHI, Athletico uses the best solution on the market — Zix Email Encryption.

“We chose ZixCorp, because we wanted our clients to know we’re doing all we can to secure their PHI,” said Heather Franks, director of IT/IS Operations for Athletico. “We’re committed to thoughtful, caring service in everything we do.”

With Zix, physical therapists and staff can have greater peace of mind and don’t need to think twice before hitting “Send.” They are able to communicate securely without needing to take any additional steps, leaving them more time to focus on their patients.

“Before we installed the Zix solution, we were unable to send patient information securely via email. It was not a form of communication we supported or allowed,” said Franks. “If a therapist wanted to discuss a client’s case with the referring doctor, he or she had to do it by fax, phone or face-to-face. Zix Email Encryption lets us streamline how we communicate with both physicians and patients.”

About Athletico Physical Therapy:

  • Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Chicago
  • Facilities throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana with more than 1,500 clinical and administrative staff
  • Cares for all of Chicago’s professional sports teams, as well as 200 other affiliations, including high schools, colleges, performing arts groups and more