Customer Spotlight — How One Healthcare Company Braved the Unknown of BYOD


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Customer Spotlight — How One Healthcare Company Braved the Unknown of BYOD

Zix Staff

With the amount of sensitive data that passes through healthcare organizations — along with stringent HIPAA regulations — it can seem like a daunting undertaking to embrace BYOD.

Innovative Care Management (ICM) was in this position recently — deciding if it would continue to only allow senior management access to corporate email through company-owned devices or open up access to work email on personally owned devices too. Hesitant at first, the team at ICM quickly realized that if it chose the right solution, BYOD was a great option. After a trial of ZixOne, team members were impressed at how easy it was to have secure email on their devices. The ZixOne app offered the security they needed, while providing employees with an easy-to-use interface that kept control and privacy in the employees’ hands.

“We knew BYOD would positively affect our staff, but we couldn’t enable it without addressing its vulnerabilities,” said Marion Shipley, COO of Innovative Care Management. “ZixOne was an easy fix and alternative to traditional BYOD solutions.”

Since deploying ZixOne, management has gained peace of mind knowing that senior management and mid-level employees accessing ZixOne can be productive away from the office without security concerns. It has gone so well, that the company is expanding its use of BYOD to other employees who choose to use their personal devices for business.

In the end, for healthcare companies like ICM, protecting customer data is most important, and with ZixOne, they know they have a solution that can be trusted to protect sensitive information on mobile devices.

“It’s important that ICM demonstrate to our customers that we understand the sensitive nature of the data we’re trusted with and remain HIPAA compliant,” said Shipley. “With ZixOne, we’ve opened up corporate email access to personal devices and have peace of mind knowing that employees stay productive without worrying about security threats that could impact customers.”

A little about Innovative Care Management

  • Healthcare management company in business for over 20 years
  • Specializes in working with self-insured employers
  • Headquartered in Portland, Oregon
  • Founded in 1990