Customer Spotlight – ZixCorp Gives Boost of Confidence to Trinity Health


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Customer Spotlight – ZixCorp Gives Boost of Confidence to Trinity Health

Neil Farquharson

In today’s healthcare industry, it’s not uncommon to find workplaces where the burden of security decisions falls squarely on the shoulders of employees — specifically when it comes to whether or not information transmitted by email should be encrypted. This decision — which could have lasting consequences for a company — is a complex one that could not only expose a patient’s protected health information (PHI) but also be a violation of HIPAA. With sensitive information regularly changing hands among patients, healthcare providers and insurers, each email represents an opportunity for an individual’s PHI to fall into the wrong hands with one miss-click. Ohio-based Trinity Health System had security measures in place to ensure that email was encrypted but recognized its current solution was time-consuming, inconvenient and added stress on employees. “We have an obligation to our community to protect our patients and their privacy, and data security has long been a top priority for Trinity Health System. We’ve used email encryption for years, but our previous solution placed too much reliance on our employees. Determining when to encrypt added stress on daily communication, and the extra steps weren’t convenient,” said Tom Kiger, director of Information Systems for Trinity Health System. To remedy the situation, Trinity Health System began searching for a solution that automated and simplified email encryption and turned to ZixCorp to help. By incorporating ZixGateway into its security strategy, email messages and attachments from 2,000 employees are automatically scanned and encrypted if any sensitive information is detected. Any replies back to employees are automatically secured and decrypted before arriving in their inboxes. With full transparency and no interruptions, it’s as if Trinity Health employees are using regular email. “In implementing automatic email encryption with ZixCorp, everyone is better protected. We enhance data security for our patients while eliminating the burden on our employees,” added Kiger. Tasks such as sending and receiving email shouldn’t be a burden — even if those messages need to be encrypted. With an automated solution, healthcare providers can focus on what matters most: patient care. Here’s a little about Trinity Health System:

  • Serves more than 200,000 individuals in the tri-state area of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • Offers a full array of acute and outpatient services and maintains physician offices, walk-in lab facilities, cancer center and a digestive and nutrition center