Customer Spotlight – The Miller Group Looks to ZixCorp to Thwart Email Data Breaches


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Customer Spotlight – The Miller Group Looks to ZixCorp to Thwart Email Data Breaches

Zix Staff

At the current rate, it seems an email data breach is making headlines almost once a week. Whether it’s a nationally recognized retail store or a regional network of hospitals, sensitive information is being exposed as a result of these data breaches. To make matters worse, time tells us that this trend is on the rise. The Identity Theft Resource Center has tracked data breaches since 2005 involving compromised SSNs, credit/debit card numbers, email/password/username information and protected health information. Crunching the numbers, 5,029 data breaches occurred between 2005 and 2014.   The Miller Group (MILLER), a financial services company, recognized this increasing threat and turned to ZixCorp for its email data protection needs. To protect against the interception of email while in transit, MILLER chose Zix Email Encryption to secure all emails and attachments and also provide a secure, mobile-friendly delivery portal. Since business no longer takes place solely in an office setting, MILLER also chose to implement BYOD solution, ZixOne. With ZixOne, client data never resides on mobile devices. If a device is ever lost or stolen, an administrator can simply disable corporate email access to that specific device – eliminating the concerns about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Now, employees are free to address clients’ needs, regardless of location. Rudy R. Miller, chairman, president and CEO of The Miller Group, stated,

“Data breaches from small-middle size companies to the largest corporations in the world are a reality! Our organization set a benchmark to find the BEST data protection for email and mobile devices on the market. We reviewed a number of products, and it quickly became apparent to our team that the market leader is ZixCorp.

The Zix solutions’ ease of use and seamless integration into our email system were a very important component for our internal and external users. ZixCorp’s launch staff and support folks were just outstanding! We are extremely pleased to join other financial organizations and regulatory bodies in using this must-have product in today’s ever-changing cyber world.”


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