Customer Spotlight – Knoxville Finds ZixCorp a No-brainer for Protecting Patient Privacy


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Customer Spotlight – Knoxville Finds ZixCorp a No-brainer for Protecting Patient Privacy

Neil Farquharson

As you may have noticed in the news recently, banks and large retailers are no longer the only companies susceptible to large-scale data breaches. With the amount of information traveling between doctors and patients, insurance providers and hospitals, hackers are starting to capitalize. That’s why Knoxville Hospital & Clinics in Iowa chose ZixCorp’s email data protection suite — including ZixCorp Email Encryption Services and ZixOne Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) solution — to grant employees secure email access within the hospital and on-the-go, while still meeting regulatory obligations like HIPAA and protecting patient privacy. “The switch to ZixOne made sense to our doctors, nurses and IT administrators,” said Thom Richards, regional CIO for Knoxville Hospitals & Clinics. “With our previous MDM solution, if an employee’s phone were lost, administrators would be required to wipe it of all data — both work and personal. It was frustrating.” With the ZixOne BYOD solution, if a Knoxville employee loses his or her phone, an administrator can simply disable corporate email access on the specific device — eliminating the need to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands and causing employee frustration. Because the data doesn’t actually reside on the device, there is never a need to remote-wipe. Due to its easy-to-use interface and regulatory compliance, ZixCorp’s email encryption solution is trusted by one in every five U.S. hospitals and more than 30 Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations. By choosing ZixCorp, Knoxville Hospitals & Clinics is now part of the larger Zix Encryption Network (ZEN) — more than 11,500 companies strong and growing. ZEN offers end-to-end encryption to senders and receivers within the network, making it ideal for the healthcare industry where there is frequent communication between different parties. “Adopting Zix Email Encryption was a no-brainer,” said Richards. “We’re able to seamlessly communicate with our partners and other affiliated hospitals because chances are, they’re in the network too.” About Knoxville Hospital & Clinics:

  • Founded in 1935
  • Member of 15 hospital affiliation network throughout Iowa with over 800 clinical and administrative staff
  • Cares for the Knoxville community with everything from wound care, to health coach services and family medicine