Clinton Email Investigation Reinforces the Need for Automation


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Clinton Email Investigation Reinforces the Need for Automation

Zix Staff

On September 2, the FBI released a summary of its July 2 interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her use of a personal email server while she held the position of U.S. Secretary of State. In covering the news, many media published highlights, timelines and lessons learned, including PBS correspondent Lisa Desjardins. In her article “10 things we learned about Clinton’s emails from the new FBI documents,” one lesson stuck out for us at Zix:

Clinton repeatedly said she was not trained in how to handle sensitive email information, including the president’s email address. Clinton repeatedly told the FBI that she “did not have guidance” or had not been trained in sensitive use of email, including on how to use the president’s email address. As she said publicly, Clinton insisted she relied on staff to forward appropriate, unclassified material. The FBI asked Clinton if she was aware that she herself was an Original Classified Authority who could determine classification. She replied that she was aware of that status but did not recall any training for how to use or how often she did use it.

Such a revelation begs the question: if a Secretary of State doesn’t know how to manage sensitive emails, who else is unaware and not using the proper security measures?

We often take for granted how easy it is to click the ‘send’ button. In our day-to-day emails, companies exchange personal customer information, employee data and confidential corporate information, such as intellectual property and pricelists. As emails leave the company network and travel to recipients, any unsecured messages or attachments can be easily intercepted and read by hackers or other unauthorized users. Training employees when and how to use secure email is a positive and critical component to any security strategy, but it’s not enough.

Automatic scanning and policy-based email encryption prevent employee mistakes, alleviate worry of when and when not to use encryption and maintain easy communication without disruption.

With more than 15 years of experience and a dedicated team in the ZixResearch Center, our customers are confident that Zix’s out-of-the-box policy filters accurately detect and encrypt sensitive information without any effort from their employees. Using a comprehensive set of terms, phrases, expressions and pattern masks, we take out the guess-work and provide peace of mind, so that you don’t have to stress about whom in your company is unaware of the sensitivity of emails and not using the proper security measures.

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