Best Practices — Keeping Data Safe with Third-party Providers


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Best Practices — Keeping Data Safe with Third-party Providers

Neil Farquharson

Your company is only as secure as those who have access to its data.

This includes third-party vendors and business partners such as HR, accounting and law firms, marketing agencies.

While vendors and business partners provide essential services to keep businesses moving forward, they also represent an additional variable when mapping out their cybersecurity plans. Since they may have access to sensitive business information, networks and shared portals, businesses must take the proper steps to keep their data secure.

A recent blog post published by the National Cybersecurity Institute provides excellent insight into how a company should evaluate and address security practices with its providers to ensure that data is adequately protected when it is outside a company’s network. Here are a few top takeaways:

  • Determine what suppliers are at risk. Not all vendors or suppliers have access to the same information. Evaluate what vendors have access to sensitive information so that you know which ones pose the highest risk for a data breach.
  • Discuss your cybersecurity concerns with your vendors. Meet with your vendors’ management to communicate the importance of cybersecurity to your business. Explain the potential issues that could arise from a data breach, and let your vendors know that this is a shared effort.
  • Determine what security measures they have in place. Ask your vendors detailed questions about their internal security policies and what measures they currently use to protect data. If a company isn’t adequately invested in protecting its own data, it will not put in the additional effort to protect yours.
  • Ensure that data is shared securely. Set up internal policies that regulate how data is transported between your company and outside vendors. Utilize an end-to-end encryption solution for data transfer, and designate who can transmit data between entities.

By opening the security dialogue with providers, you can make huge strides forward in safeguarding company data.

Through Zix, customers can comply with the highest industry standards and take comfort knowing the privacy of their customers and partners is secure.

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