Expanding Our Capabilities and Superior Experience with ZixProtect and ZixArchive


Thought Leadership

Expanding Our Capabilities and Superior Experience with ZixProtect and ZixArchive

Zix Staff

For more than 15 years, we’ve been a trusted partner in email encryption. We’ve advanced the security of outbound email, leading the charge to make email encryption as easy as regular email and evolving to meet the demands of our customers. Today marks another milestone in meeting our customers’ needs, as we launch ZixProtect and ZixArchive.

Increasingly, customers want an all-in-one solution that addresses both inbound and outbound security risks, and while customers can continue to rely on Zix to deliver best-in-class email encryption, they can also rely on Zix to minimize malicious email threats with the multi-layer approach of ZixProtect.

ZixProtect defends companies from zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, CEO fraud, W-2 phishing attacks, spam and viruses in email. Our comprehensive filters analyze IP addresses, URLs, targeted phrases, campaign patterns and both known and zero-hour malware attacks. By using layers of filters, we protect customers with an approach that focuses on the content of email and determines if a threat exists, providing greater accuracy than an approach that relies on the probability that a threat exists. Accuracy is boosted even higher with automated traffic analysis, machine learning and real-time threat analysts who monitor email threats 24/7/365.

Like our email encryption, ZixProtect is a cloud-based service that requires minimal fine-tuning, which provides an easy solution for small- to medium-sized businesses with limited resources. It also offers convenient access to policy controls for customization and reporting for business and compliance reviews.

ZixProtect Essentials includes email threat protection, as well as business email continuity to enable access to messages during any service disruption. For bundled solutions, ZixProtect Plus adds automatic email encryption to deliver secure email to anyone, anywhere on any device, and ZixProtect Premium matches email threat protection and business email continuity with our industry-leading email encryption and email data loss prevention solutions.

ZixArchive addresses yet another need – email retention for compliance and eDiscovery. As a cloud solution with unlimited storage, ZixArchive decreases the cost of on-premises solutions and reduces headaches for users who need to store and retrieve old messages. Features such as policy-based retention, automatic indexing and flexible search capabilities give customers better control of archived emails, and the convenient capability to enable and disable cloud access makes audits and legal holds easier. It’s just that simple.

As we expand into new markets, our customers can expect to receive the same superior experience across ALL of our solutions and across ALL facets of our company. Delivering on that promise is how we earned the trust of 19,000 businesses and how we will build on it in the future.

To see the difference for yourself, visit www.zixcorp.com/products/zixprotect or www.zixcorp.com/products/zixarchive for more information and free trials.