A List of Our Own


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A List of Our Own

Dave Robertson

The holiday season is in full swing. Bright lights are filling the night sky, and holiday carols can be heard across Pandora everywhere. With all the festivities, we can’t help but think of the big guy in red, making his list and checking it twice. And because email encryption is near and dear to our hearts here at ZixCorp, we thought it was the perfect time to provide you with another list… an email encryption check list.

In 2013, whether you’re implementing email encryption for the first time or replacing the old solution that has frustrated you for years, consider the list below and be sure your new solution checks off the items most important to you and your company.

    •Are encryption keys created and maintained in a centralized directory?
    •Can the keys be shared outside your organization for automatic and transparent delivery of encrypted email?
    •Can your business partners and regulators receive encrypted email without any extra steps or passwords?
    •Is the solution available across mobile platforms?
    •Can you select policies that protect sensitive data based on HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA and other federal or state regulations?
    •Does the vendor have a designated research center for the continuous monitoring of regulatory updates?
    •Do you want policies that can determine when a message is delivered using TLS?
    •Are reports available for visibility into messages secured through TLS?
    •If messages are secured through TLS, are secure replies guaranteed?
    •Are email encryption services supported by a SOC3/SysTrust certified, SOC2 accredited and PCI Level 1, DSS V2.0 certified data center?
    •Does the data center have adequate backup facilities?
    •Most importantly, are there references that can confirm your next solution is easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain?

These questions should kick off a good discussion of what you and your company want in an email encryption solution. For a more comprehensive checklist, please contact our sales team.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the holiday festivities and best wishes for a safe New Year’s celebration.